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Gardeners have for decades been enthusiastic users of plastics for all sorts of jobs and where do they look first? - DIY PLASTICS (UK), the UK's leading retail supplier of plastic sheeting and associated DIY and home improvement products. We supply and deliver all over the UK, to all parts of England, Wales, Scotland (including the Scottish Isles) and Northern Ireland. Established in 1973, the business has built up a wide range of quality plastic products to suit the trade user, the experienced DIY enthusiast and the ordinary householder alike. Here is a summary of our garden plastics - please follow the links or use our Product Selector on the left or Search Facility above for more details of each product. Or ask for our full colour catalogue with details and prices of our full range, many more illustrations and lots of useful hints & tips for working with plastics.

DIY Plastics supplies garden plastics for the proper upkeep of a garden and all its features. Whether you require items for use with a pond or water features or items for protection of your plants, we have the right garden products to meet your gardening needs.

We offer a range of black-coloured PVC, butyl and rubber liners for use with garden ponds, and EPDM Rediliners for other water features, to ensure maximum water retention of both. We ensure a perfect fit of these items by supplying it to the size you require. We also stock underfelts to protect pond liners over time from sharp stones and other potentially damaging objects in the water body, and also offer pond liner repair kits to deal with any small holes or tears which do arise. This concern for long life of our gardening products is very important to us at DIY Plastics, and is also reflected in all of our flexible pond liners carrying warranties up to 30 years in length.

Another major type of garden products available at DIY Plastics is sheeting and netting. We provide a comprehensive range of tough tarpaulins, translucent polythene sheets and black polythene sheets for general purpose use in the garden. We also offer protective gardening products of this type, such as garden nets which shield seeds and low growing plants from birds, weedblock sheets to stop the growth of weeds on paths, patios and general landscaping and protection fleeces to provide the perfect growing environments for plants and seedlings. With DIY Plastics supplying your gardening products you can rest assured that your garden, with its water features and plants, will receive all the help it needs to flourish.

Plastic Safety Greenhouse Gardening
PLASTIC SAFETY GREENHOUSES were first sold nationally by DIY PLASTICS (UK) nearly 10 years ago. They use strong safe Twinwall sheeting in a specially designed aluminium framework. Full size Clearline Greenhouses come in a range of sizes up to 2960mm x 1970mm (9'8" x 6'5") with a choice of natural or green-painted aluminium frame. All greenhouse kits come complete with all framing and glazing & full assembly instructions, and there are steel bases to match if required.
Single or double Cold Frames also feature lightweight 4mmm twinwall polycarbonate safety glazing: insulation to protect young plants and light diffusion to prevent scorching.

DIY Plastics boasts a new and improved range of Polycarbonate Safety Greenhouses. These greenhouses come in both full size and lean to mini greenhouse varieties. Both types of greenhouse are easy to erect, requiring no special tools for the task. Once erected they are sure to have long outdoor life; all of their glazing panels are UV-stabilised, and their Twinwall high impact sheeting is very resistant to the bricks, stones and boots of any potential vandals.

The full size greenhouses at DIY Plastics also combine functionality with aesthetics to meet the customer's expectation of having the best of both. Greenhouses are available in either green or natural aluminium colours to suit individual tastes, and the choice of a black or natural aluminium coloured base allows the customer even greater creativity when it comes to their greenhouse's appearance. At the same time the Twinwall material provides practical benefits, with its exceptional energy saving properties reducing heat loss from (and so potential heating costs for) the greenhouse. This top quality sheeting also diffuses light and stops sun glare to optimise the conditions inside for healthy plant growth. The absence of any glass in DIY Plastics’ greenhouse structures also removes the risk of any injury.

Our range of lean to mini greenhouses retains all the benefits of the full size greenhouses whilst also making it possible to make maximum use of available garden space. Coming in either 2-panel or 3-panel width to fit narrow spaces of patios or balconies, these lean to greenhouses are the same height as the full size variety, and as such are perfect for bringing on seedlings or tender plants in an optimised environment all of their own.

Greenhouse Gardening
A clever addition to the range are these Lean To Mini Greenhouses - in either 2-panel or 3-panel width, again with 4mm Twinwall glazing in aluminium framework, and again with purpose-made steel bases if required. Perfect for a patio or balcony, or to bring on seedlings or tender plants anywhere space is restricted.

GARDEN GLAZING PLASTICS include Clear SAN (high clarity, very keenly priced but still with a 5 year guarantee), Clear 4.5mm Twinwall Polycarbonate (a lightweight "fluted" sheeting similar to that used on conservatory roofs) and Corriboard an even cheaper translucent fluted material - you can even cut this one with scissors! Clear Semi-Rigid PVC is thinner flexible economy plastic sheeting supplied "off the roll".
garden glazing plastics

Greenhouse Glazing Garden Plastics
Here are some more OUTDOOR GLAZING PLASTICS - ideal for windows, sheds, greenhouses, outbuildings, cloches, cold frames etc. etc. The comprehensive DIY Plastics range includes Clear Horticultural Acrylic - similar to Perspex or Plexiglas - economical & highly suitable for horticultural glazing. Clear Rigid PVC is Class 1 fire rated and a good substitute for Georgian wired glass in conservatory and lean-to roofing applications.


POND LINERS are made to order in a dedicated factory - each liner to your exact size or shape. Various materials include Black PVC (for ponds up to 28 square metres & warranted 15 years), Black Butyl (no size limit with a 25 year warranty) and Aquacare (up to 30.5m x 15,25m (100ft x 50ft) with NO seams or welds & a 30 year warranty). Ensure a perfect job with our Underfelt laid underneath the liner to prevent puncturing by stones, roots etc., but put away a Pond Liner Repair Kit just in case!
Garden Pond Liners
NEW for 2004/05 we are now listing pre formed Rediliners which are a clever aid to constructing small ponds and above-ground water features - they come either circular or rectangular, in a range of standard sizes and are fully pre-shaped pond liners and welded to ensure no leaks and no wrinkles.
GENERAL PURPOSE PLASTICS for the home & garden include ready-made Tarpaulins in tough woven mesh polythene with cord-reinforced edges and metal eyelets. Or you could make up your own using our Natural Polythene or Black Polythene with clever DIY Arro Eyelets. Clear UVI Polythene gives extra life & excellent growing properties for all tunnel greenhouses, frames, dutch lights & cloches.

Greenhouse Gardening & Garden Plastics
Try some of our SPECIALIST GARDEN PLASTIC PRODUCTS to save you work and improve your results. Bubbleair is an old favourite for winter greenhouse insulation - fix in place with one of the greenhouse fixings below. Protection Fleece will provide protection from frost, birds & insects but allow watering. Lay Weedblock (photo left) under paths, patios and general landscaping to prevent weeds but allow moisture & nutrients through to the roots of the plants you do want. Finally Clear Flexible PVC is one of those hard-to-find but valuable products: use for tent windows and car hoods.

GARDEN NETTING is another very longstanding way of using plastics in the garden. Our products include Bean and Pea Net, Garden Net, Heavy Duty Protection Net, Fruit Cage Netting, Climbing Plant Support and Greenhouse Shading Finally don't forget our GREENHOUSE FIXINGS - handy packs of Glazing Clips to re-fix greenhouse panes, Snap Kaps, Mini Kaps or Alliplugs & Extenders for fastening polythene, netting or Bubbleair to the framework, and Polyfixas, Polyclips or Cropped Head Bolts & Nuts to solve a variety of other fixing problems.
Garden Netting
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